About us

Key benefits

Unparalleled fleet visibility and control

Device Configuration Services

Our experienced staff can work with you to integrate hardware with your own software solutions by offerring the following services:

  • Standard pass-through allowing basic communication of all CANbus data for server-side interpretation
  • Track and trace (providing basic journey movements such as ignition events and breadcrumbs)
  • Bespoke scripting including communication 'bus' support (driver behaviour, OEM features such as fuel/odometer readings, DTC fault codes etc.), high-g force/CRASH detection, tamper/geofence/curfew alerting, remote immobilisation, host vehicle power cell depletion safeguards, RFID and i-button integration, driver display outputs, VPOD/JPOD support, external sensor/device interfacing
  • Hardware configuration to latest firmware builds
  • Installation of configuration files
  • Insertion of SIM cards
  • Supply of M2M SIMs with competitive airtime contracts from a number of global network operators


We can reduce your time to market by processing data from your devices on your behalf, utilising our comprehensive API to read journey data, vehicle fault information, service countdowns and high-G events.

Fleet Management and Consumer Solutions

Both branded bespoke and off-the-peg web-based fleet management solutions are available, utilising our web hosting. This provides a suite of management reports such as:

  • Risk and mapping
  • Usage and efficiency
  • Service and maintenance
  • Driver utilities (business/private mileage entry)
  • Accident/High-G event reporting
  • Journey auditing (single or multiple vehicles)
  • Customisable geofencing and POI

Our web portal is also available for users on the move via our app for iPhone and Android platforms.

At Sensis Global we are committed to providing tailored, risk management solutions that grow and evolve with the changing needs of our customers.

We have substantial experience with both traditional hardwired telematics devices and advanced OBD-II hardware, gained from our many years in the industry and our commitment to developing innovative and market-leading solutions, which have helped reduce the total cost of ownership for our own fleet, our clients and white label resellers.

In addition to our comprehensive pre- and post-sale hardware support, our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are uniquely positioned to provide innovative solutions and services which can enhance the value of telematics to your organisation, your end-users and your drivers, whilst also dramatically reducing your time to market for your fleet or UBI product.

We are proud to offer advanced scriptwriting (including scripting for advanced peripheral support and IOT accessories), API development services, web portal and smartphone-based app solutions, as well as reseller interfaces, to allow you to manage the needs of your own clients.

Sensis Global is a preferred distributor for CalAmp http://www.calamp.com/company/